Fundación Nutriendo para el Futuro

is a Civil Association that is part of

Grupo Valoran and Grupo Ranman,

making its high social sense come true.


We started more than 20 years ago with 15 informal breakfast bars and finally in 2004, Fundación Nutriendo para el Futuro A.C

was officially established

our story




To boost the physical and intellectual development of the children from San Luis Potosí, who lack resources, through a health and nutrition program that allows them better life opportunities.


Love for Mexico:  Act in the service of our country, starting with our community.

Commitment: Carry from the beginning to the end the acquired challenges.

Transparency: Show the community all the actions we carry out through the resources entrusted to us.

Consciousness: Waking up to the reality to the degree that drives us to take action.

Transcendence: To last over time through actions and their impact on children and the communities where they belong.


To prevent and to combat child malnutrition in areas of high marginalization.

To promote the physical and intellectual development of children under 6 years of age..

Transform the children’s family environment into one that favors their optimal development.

Generate wealth circles, through the development and transformation of the environment.


Our main working areas are kindergartens.

We have a lent space to our administrative offices.

Thanks to our benefactor Grupo Valoran

Tel:(444) 813 9913 Ext. 123

Av. Sierra Leona 360, Int. Piso 11

Villantigua C.P. 78214, San Luis Potosí, S.L.P.

Cuenta BBVA Bancomer: 0144259688

CLABE Interbancaria: 012700001442596883

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